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Libano, Tolima

Attractions / Activities

Bird Watching

It can be said that we are an Eden for Bird Watching. live a dawn full of colors, textures and sounds coming from the diversity of birds that cover with their beauty our town
You will be able to observe through trails full of life, tradition, culture, flora, making this an experience memorable.

  • Hacienda El Aguador Tarapaca area
  • Pajarera Route Vereda Camino Real
  • Where To Eat

    In this portal www.LibanoTolima.com you will find the list of restaurants in Lebanon with their direction and location with map and route digital.
    Many of these places allow reservations a table via WhatsApp. enjoy the better in traditional dishes or international

  • Pizca de Amor steps from the Cathedral
  • Mineima via La Trina
  • Sky Experiences via La Polca
  • Where To Stay

    In Libano we have the highest quality in Hospitality services throughout the region for those planning visit El Nevado and Coffee Zone.
    On our web portal www.LibanoTolima.com you will find the complete list of all the operators that offer the best hospitality urban and rural lodging services or rural

  • Mineima via La Trina
  • Sky Experiences Gampling
  • Two Dos Buhos Cabins via Murillo
  • StayNGo (Apto-Suites) nera Central Park
  • Coffee Farms & Production

    Come and enjoy a Cultural Landscape Cafetero, where you will learn aspects of the local culture and learn about the coffee making process, from the harvest of the cherries until the grain grinding.
    You will also have the opportunity to enjoy of the ecology where culture develops agrotourism, hiking, recreation.

  • Finca Las Mercedes Vereda el Paraiso
  • Pajarera Route Vereda Camino Real
  • Hacienda El Aguador Tarapaca area
  • Cocoa Farm & Production

    If the coffee It is recognized as emblematic of this area of ??Northern Tolima, cocoa is not far behind!
    Walk through the fields, harvest and make your own chocolate! We have Cocoa Farms where you can live an interactive experience knowing the other side of the world of cocoa. Chocolate.
    Welcome to enjoy an incredible and delicious handmade adventure!

    Botanical Garden R.E.E.

    The R.E.E. It was created on April 22, 1993. The Botanical Garden is a site for conservation, study, research and healthy recreation, where Botanical Expeditions, Bird Watching, promotion of the nursery of plant material for the restoration of forest, water care and protection of the habitat of birds, among them the Leptotila conoveri, emblematic bird of Lebanon, academic and pedagogical practices of environmental education are also carried out , where voluntary groups from civil society and the education sector have been linked.

    MTB - Mountain Biking

    A sport in our Colombian blood which is growing nationally which attracts cyclists from all over the country to our town.

    We invite everyone who believes that more than a sport is a passion, because combines Strength, Skill, Dexterity, and Endurance

    Libano has beautiful paths that help us to be in contact with the nature.
    MTB between Cedars and Coffee Plantations of 35 km. It is Libano, the Polka, Antennas, Convention, Libano

    Sky Stargazing

    We have many unique tourist destinations due to the variety of climates, fauna and flora. From waterfalls, passing through snow-capped peaks, rivers, caves and hot springs. On our way to the Nevado del Ruiz passing through Through different thermal floors we reached high points in the region located at 2,950 meters above sea level. where we will find areas to camp and observe stars and planets on dark nights, a unique viewpoint of the galaxy.

    ESKP Hiking Trail

    Enjoy Holy Week with your Family and Tour Magical Landscapes Wednesday 05 and Saturday 08 of April 2023
    Departure time 6:00 am
    Includes: Transportation, Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Insurance, Guide Vereda la Trina (Mineima), River Recio Cayon, Vereda la Marcada, Vereda el Paraiso (Las Mercedes)
    Cost: $60,000
    Info: 3162973886 - 3106967684

    Gateway to El Nevado de Ruiz

    Adventure day in Nevado del Ruiz starts by leaving from Libano, Gateway entrance to Los Nevados Park, is the perfect plan.
    You will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and dazzling with many Lagoons and its Frailejones. You will visit and experience Incredible places with the Hot Springs.
    A guide will explain the details important of the places you visit.

    What To Do

    Libano is in full tourist development and especially with the new alternate route between Bogota to Manizales
    Visitors will be surprised by this friendly city surrounded by an environment brilliant natural landscape of coffee plantations, waterfalls and exceptional landscapes.
    An excellent opportunity to meet our culture, its rich gastronomy its Hospitality and the beautiful landscapes natural in the North of Tolima

    Self Guided Tours

    Trails and Paths

    Interpretive Trails with focus on the historical, geological, ecological, and cultural of Lebanon immersed in the Andean Region of Colombia.
    Motivated by the appreciation, by the Landscape and the sighting of flora and wild fauna, at the same time you can share sociocultural, mythological and history of our region.

  • Pajarera Route Vereda Camino Real
  • Mineima (Vereda La Trina)
  • Las Mercedes (Vereda El Paraiso)
  • Hacienda El Aguador
  • Sugar Cane Mill & Production

    Among the Coffee Mountains in Libano are the sugarcane fields. We can find one of the most ancestral crafts, the planting, grinding and concentration of sugarcane guarapo to make one of the most recognized Colombian national products; PANELA.
    These sites of arduous and artisanal work; They are known as "Trapiches", where the working conditions to make the sweet cane are quite rough; with high temperatures, hot vapors, and constant risk of burns or crushing at the time of the process.
    These processes are carried out by adults and in certain cases young people of no more than 20 years that through experiences; transmitted from generation to generation carry out the concentration of the juice extracted from the cane


    Where to Eat

    Café Tertulia

    "Specialized coffee shop, we handle high quality certified organic coffee of Fresno origin. #Cafétertulia "Friendship and tradition with a coffee flavor""

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    1 Kms

    La Barrilera

    "La Barrelera offers you the best experience, when tasting food made with this 100% natural smoking technique, introducing a flavor that causes joy and satisfaction within our gastronomy. We offer the best quality pork cuts,

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    Restaurante Mirador Del Cielo

    "El Mirador del Cielo is a gastro-bar that has one of the best views in the north of Tolima, we are located in the municipality of Fresno.🇨🇴🌃🌇 The company emerged at the end of April 2021 as a family idea of ​

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    Restaurante Willys Broaster

    "Fast food service, Chinese food and à la carte Sea food"

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    Where to Stay